Why Buy from a U.S. Manufacturer Like Philip Machine?

When you buy from Philip Machine you get everything you want: quality, service, price and delivery. The idea that you have to buy overseas to get the best price is a myth. Our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that Philip Machine can often deliver a better-quality part at a lower price, in less time and more reliably than our foreign competitors. Bottom line: This is the reason Philip Machine has continued growing in the face of 25 years of intense global competition.

Here are the advantages when you buy U.S. from Philip Machine:

We Speak Your Language - The language of engineering and design. We understand your challenges and know how to design and manufacture the solutions you're looking for.

No Middle Man - You deal directly with the qualified professionals of Philip Machine. There are no misunderstandings, no added markup and no delays in product delivery.

Responsive Service - We recognize that service sets us apart. When you call Philip Machine you don't talk to a rep in a call center. You talk to a responsible individual who can get results and meet your needs.

Reliable Supply - When you order from a domestic manufacturer like Philip, you can be confident you will get what you ordered. No international borders to cross. No trade disputes, exchange rates or international politics to worry about. It's one more way you get the best of two worlds - the low cost you expect from foreign suppliers, U.S. quality and service - with Philip Machine.

Fast Delivery - No excessive lead times or long delays. When we promise delivery, it will be there.

Quality - It's the number one reason we've been in business more than 25 years. We assure the quality of the materials we buy and monitor quality every step of the way, from design and tooling to final shipment. Less waste and fewer make-overs means more efficient manufacturing and lower costs for you.