Our Products

Solid Brass, Steel and Zinc Die-Cast Buckles

Philip Machine Company takes great pride in continuously developing manufacturing techniques that enhance our ability to produce quality buckles economically right here in the USA. From our manufacturing facility in Providence, RI, we service a large segment of fashion and industrial customers.

Our buckle product lines are always evolving and we are eager to provide new tooling for buckles that will meet our customer's requirements. Because we manufacture every buckle that we sell here in the USA, we are able to control every aspect of your order: quality, service, price and delivery. We consistently deliver better quality buckles at a lower price, in less time and more reliably, than the foreign competition and importers.

When you buy American made buckles from Philip Machine, you deal directly with our qualified professionals. There are no misunderstandings, no added middle man markups, no excessive lead times and no transportation delays in product delivery.

We are a reliable "Made in the USA" domestic manufacturer that eliminates your worries about trade disputes, exchange rates, international politics and transportation problems.

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