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Wire Forms

Welded Rings

Philip Machine specializes and excels where wire forms from 1/16" to 1/4" wire diameters require butt welds with pull test strengths that exceed the tensile strength of the wire.

We have developed custom welders with hi-tech cooling systems that allow for very high production rates, resulting in consistent welds at an economical cost to our customers. We pull test a sampling every half hour during the manufacturing process to ensure consistency of strength.

We are currently supplying one of North America's premier pet collar and leash manufacturers, as well as equestrian harness manufacturers, with all of their welded D-Ring, round ring and rectangular ring requirements. Check out our Applications page to see how we satisfied this customer's pull test requirements.

Welded rings are available in many sizes, gauges and shapes. Most styles are available in stainless steel.

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