• Work Basket
    Specially alloyed cast aluminum lined with steel mesh wire.
    Diameter: 16". Depth: 6". Capacity: 1206 cubic inches
  • Material Tank
    Rolled seams supplied with galvanized steel cover. (Stainless steel optional)
  • Mechanical Door
    Automatically operated sliding door
  • Motor Equipment
    3/4 horsepower - explosive-proof spin motor. Voltage 230/460 or 550.
    1/2 horsepower - explosive-proof motor for hydraulic lift. Voltage 230/460 or 550.
  • Hydraulic Controls
    State-of-the-art hydraulic manifold technology coupled with our programmable logic controller, positions material tank for load, dip and spin operations and activates spin brake.
  • Electronic Controls
    R-200 PC is equipped with a programmable logic control unit which allows for hands-off operation from the moment the work basket is locked in place until the cycle is finished. The machine will store 16 different timed dip-spin procedures, each of which is tailored to your specifications. Maintains capability for manual operation. Additional 16 profile logic modules are available.
  • Capacity
    20 to 40 cycles per hour with one operator, for most coating operations.
  • Floor Space
    52" width x 48" depth x 67" height
  • Weight
    1075 lbs. / Crated 1390 lbs.

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